Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum – NV356

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Shark, one of the leading names in vacuum cleaners introduces its one of the most practical and most efficient way to get rid of dust, dirt and allergens in your home: the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum – Model NV356. This vacuum cleaner model features a powerful suction motor, features that you will definitely need when you clean any type of floors or surface plus amazing sealing systems that will take cleaning your home to a whole new level.

What are the details and specifications of a Shark Navigator Lift-Away?

  • The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum measures 45.4 x 15 x 11.4 inches and weighs just 19 lbs.
  • It has powerful suction power that will never lose suction no matter what type of surface you are cleaning. You can clean hardwood floors, tile, natural stone, carpets, upholstery, cloth and even delicate items like lace curtains.
  • It has a lift-away canister that catches dirt more efficiently compared to any type of vacuum bag. It easily detaches from the unit to be cleaned.
  • The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum – Model NV356 has an extra large dust cup capacity compared to other vacuum cleaners.
  • This vacuum has an anti-allergen complete sealing system that will trap 99.99% of dust, dirt, pollen, animal fur, dander and many other kinds of allergens that can cause diseases and allergies.
  • Trust that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum has special attachments that you can use; it has bare floor attachments, brushes, crevice cleaning tools and telescopic attachments that will make cleaning easier and faster.

What are the pros and cons of purchasing a Shark Navigator Lift-Away?

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum is considered as a home and industrial vacuum that can take care of hard to remove messes and dirt without losing consistent suction power. Most who have bought this vacuum have nothing but praises to how efficient it can clean any kind of floors and any thickness of carpet. You can certainly use this for any type of dirt and grime and it will always be consistent in cleaning and dusting.

There are certainly no cons in purchasing the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum. It is worth your money when it comes to cleaning power, ease of use and dependability.


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The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum – Model NV356 is a vacuum that any homeowner as well as any business owner should have. Its performance will outlast any industrial vacuum or home vacuum cleaner by a mile. The price is less than $200 but it is definitely a true value for your money.

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